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"If you could have any super power, what would it be?"

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Interested applicants will apply via the VideeBop link and you can review their videos whenever you want

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What is VideeBop?

VideeBop is a video based hiring tool that makes it easier to get to know your applicant's personality before you decide to follow up with them.

Why should we use VideeBop?

VideeBop lets you see and hear your applicants’ energy through their videos. In just a few seconds, you can decide if you’d like to follow up instead of spending hours dealing with endless phone calls and emails.

How do we get started?

Create your job posting on the VideeBop site, grab the link and share the posting on sites where you would normally post to find job applicants. Interested candidates will apply via the VideeBop link and you can review their videos at your convenience, whether you’re at the beach, in bed or at the office. Pretty cool, right!

How much does it cost?

Free... for now.

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