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For Companies

What is VideeBop?

VideeBop is a video based hiring tool that makes it easier to get to know your applicant's personality before you decide to follow up with them.

How much does it cost?

FREE... for now.

How do applicants apply?

After you create and share your job, interested applicants will simply click your VideeBop link to apply. The application process is super quick, simple, and fun!

Why should we use VideeBop?

VideeBop lets you see and hear your applicants’ energy through their videos. Watch as they answer specific questions you've asked that pertain to your job. In just a few seconds, you can decide if you’d like to follow up instead of spending hours dealing with endless phone calls, emails and resumes.

How do we get started?

Create your job posting on the VideeBop site, grab the link and share the posting on sites where you would normally post to find job applicants. Interested applicants will apply via the VideeBop link and you can review their videos at your convenience, whether you’re at the beach, in bed or at the office. Pretty cool, right!

When applicants apply to my job, how can I see them?

Your applicants will appear in your dashboard.

How do you keep all of the videos safe and secure?

All videos are available only through the VideeBop site on your dashboard, and only you and VideeBop staff can see them. Each video is renamed with a unique alphanumeric key and further authenticated with a signed token that makes it computationally unfeasible for any outsider to access.

Is it time-consuming for applicants to apply on VideeBop?

Nope! Takes less than two minutes. A piece of cake! No downloads and no attachments.

How does it work if I’m hiring for the same job in multiple cities?

Create a different job post for each city as that will keep all your applicants meticulously organized.

We'll only get back one video from each applicant, right?

Yes. Applicants will answer all your questions in one single video.

Is it only one question? I'd like to see potential applicants answer more than one question.

Feel free to ask up to three video questions.

How can I create my own questions?

Simply type them in when creating your job! We’ve made it super easy so you can get started right away.

Do you provide any other applicant information besides the video responses?

You’ll get back the videos, as well as all applicants' names, emails, phone numbers, highest level education completed, and a fun fact!

Do applicants have to pay anything to apply?

Nope! 100% free for the applicants.

What do I do after I watch the videos?

Feel free to reach out to the applicants you like and hire them because their videos were so awesome. Or, reach out to any applicants via phone/email to find out more about them.

What if I can't hear the videos?

Make sure the volume is up on the video as well as on your computer or phone.

What do I do when someone emails me to apply instead of applying at the link?

Email them back saying to please apply with the link. People who are serious about getting the job will be happy to apply with VideeBop.

For Job Applicants

Why Videebop?

VideeBop gives you a stage so you can let yourself shine. You’ll have a better chance of landing the gig when potential employers hear what you have to say. Nothing to download, the whole process takes less than two minutes, super simple, and it’s fun!

Do I just submit one video?

Yes! Answer all questions in one single video.

Do I need to create a video submission for each job?

Yes. Employers may ask different questions so you’ll need to make a different video for each job.

What if I have problems or mess up my video? Can I redo it?


Can I apply for a job on my phone or computer?

Yep! Super simple on both. The choice is yours!

Do I have to download anything?

No way!

Does it cost me anything to apply?


How long does the whole VideeBop application process take?

Less than two minutes. A piece of cake! No downloads and no attachments!

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