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Why use VideeBop?

VideeBop makes it easier to get to know your job applicant's personality before spending time on phone calls and back and forth emails. Type a few questions, send your job applicants a link and get back videos.

VideeBop lets you see and hear your applicants’ personality through their videos. Watch as they answer specific questions you've asked that pertain to your job. In just a few seconds, you can decide if you’d like to follow up instead of spending hours dealing with endless phone calls and emails.

How much does it cost?

$1.00 per video you receive on your VideeBop links. Each applicant only submits 1 video per link when they apply. You can think of it like this: 5 applicants = 5 videos = $5.00.

You can pause your link at any time to prevent being charged for more videos than you want. Applicants will still be able to apply but will be hidden until you make the job live again.

How do applicants apply?

Share your VideeBop link with your job applicants and once they open the link, they will be prompted to answer the questions you’ve asked on video.

Here's an example message you could use to send to your job applicants:

Hey there!

Thanks so much for your interest in our upcoming job! Please click the VideeBop link below to answer a few quick questions on video.

Please click the link here to apply - [Insert your VideeBop Link Here]


What information will my applicants provide?

A video of them answering your questions, along with their names, email, phone number, highest level education completed, and a fun fact!

How do we get started?

First sign up on Then, create a VideeBop link with a title and up to three questions you’d like your job applicants to answer on video. Share it with the job applicants that you’re interested in quickly learning more about and sit back and relax as your videos start rolling in!

When applicants apply to my job, how can I see them?

Your applicants will appear in your dashboard.

How do you keep all of the videos safe and secure?

All videos are available only through the VideeBop site on your dashboard, and only you and VideeBop staff can see them. Each video is renamed with a unique alphanumeric key and further authenticated with a signed token that makes it computationally unfeasible for any outsider to access.

Is it time-consuming for applicants to apply on VideeBop?

Nope! Takes less than two minutes. A piece of cake! No downloads and no attachments.

Do applicants have to pay anything to apply?

Nope! 100% free for the applicants.

What if I can't hear the videos?

Make sure the volume is up on the video as well as on your computer or phone.

For Job Applicants

What if I have problems or mess up my video? Can I redo it?


Can I apply for a job on my phone or computer?

Yep! Super simple on both. The choice is yours!

Do I have to download anything?

No way! You don't need to download any apps or software. You can do everything from your phone or computer in a web browser.

How long does the whole VideeBop application process take?

Less than two minutes. A piece of cake! No downloads and no attachments!

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