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Bigger, Better Results Using Experiential Marketing

Have you seen the mile long lines of people waiting to get into a celebrity pop-ups? Or maybe you've read tweets from the aftermath with everyone showing off their new swag.   Even at events like ComicCon you might've seen an oppotunity to enter a supernatural world in the form of VR, all brought to you by your favorite network show, like The Walking Dead. 
Experiential marketing includes a wide spectrum of activations, campaigns, and footprints to attract new consumers.  These experiences can elicit feelings (the oohs and the ahhs) from consumers that give them an emotional connection with the brand that can last forever.

Experiential marketing is entertaining and comes in all shapes and budgets designed to benefit both brand and consumer.  The attraction for a brand, to stand out in a crowd, is the ideal situation with out-of-the-box thinking.  Take Sesame Street for example - who wouldn't notice a bright yellow walking around and immediatey recognize Big Bird? This live synergy and emotional connection far outweigh the emotional connetion of traditional advertisements in static frames or in a banner.
The ripple effects of experiential marketing can help brands widen their reach - especially if the event or activiation has social media friendly sets where consumers can snap picutres and share with their friends.  This natural, word of mouth marketing is worth its weight in gold. The long-lasting results of experiential marketing are well worth the investment when compared to traditional forms of advertising because of the emotional experiences you can create.

Whether a plan is etched out or needs to be created, we strongly encourage all brands to make experiential marketing a paret of their marketing budget. At your next event, let your guests take turns jumpjng on a huge keyboard to play “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  The big kid in them will be happy get let out and they'lll remember the experience for a lifetime. 
Happy creating and long live the memories!

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