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The 3 Qualities To Look for When Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Every company wants to hire “rock star” event staff for their activation, but how do you sort and find these rock stars for a one day gig or a short term campaign? Traditionally, hiring brand ambassadors involves scanning tons of resumes and reviewing headshots, both of which might be outdated or inaccurate.  Today using VideeBop, we have a better way to review candidates and build a solid team of BA’s - welcome to the world of video.

Whereas a resumé or CV lists off a series of pedigree without a ton of insight into a persons personality, a video gives you an immediate sense of who the person is.  Video gives space for brand ambassadors to share their personality, show off their communication skills and can make you feel more confident in who you're hiring.  No more sloppy candidate resumes written in Comic Sans or games of phone tag before speaking with the candidate. Through the power of video, you can make better hiring decisions, keep your hiring process organized and eliminate the headaches of reading a ton of resumes.

So you've posted a new job and have a sea of applicants applying. How do you identify who's the best fit for your event? Here are three key things to look for in a brand ambassador that have proven us successful in hiring for the past twelve years in the business.

1. Communication Skills

Campaigns generally rely on brand ambassadors to educate consumers about a product or service for a brand.  This can involve sharing a footprint, briefly pitching a message/ call of action and giving the consumer a unique experience that gets them excited about the new product or service.  This takes a combination of charm, articulating key points and a general ability to socialize.  We think video is the best way to test for these qualifications right off the bat.  With VideeBop, you can ask your candidate three questions for them to answer in their video application.  Once you receive them, you can decide - are they keeping your attention?  Do they seem well spoken?  Do their answers make sense?  All of these are important skills and you’ll know right away if you think the BA can represent your brand via the impressions you get via their video.  

2. Great Story Telling and Past Experiences

Brand ambassadors typically have a laundry list of brands they've worked with under their belts.  A great interview question is to ask about their experiences with these brands. How are they storytelling these previous experiences and highlighting their favorite activations? We all want experienced and confident B.A.'s on our team.  Is their personality shining or do they leave you with wanting more? Candidates who are good storytellers will effectively communicate your brand’s goals when they're out in the field at events and activations, and will ultimately give you a higher ROI.

3. Identify Team Players

It's very important to hire BA's that are team players. Chemistry is important for short term events where teammates are working together for 6-12 hours a day. Nobody wants a lazy or negative teammate. Here are a few clues to look for in a video resumé:

Candidates who have a balance of I and we answers are ideal. Great brand ambassadors enjoy working on teams and accomplishing goals in harmony. Too many “I” statements can come off as a lack of team focus. Look for candidates who include collaborative efforts in their storytelling and answers. A fantastic team has good energy and cohesive chemistry.

Final thoughts - Videos lead to hiring better brand ambassadors than resumés and photos.   By listening and watching candidates highlight their experiences and answer questions, it's far easier to gage their communication skills and determine if they're the right fit for your brand.  Finding great story tellers with great communication skills that are team players, are three qualities that will ensure a fantastic beginning to a successful activation.  Happy hiring!

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